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About Super Payments

Super is offered as an additional payment option when reaching checkout, all our existing payment options are available: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay & Paypal. Any Cashback offers stipulated on our website are awarded solely on orders placed and paid using Super. The 5% cashback may be reduced or increased at any time.

To pay with Super Payments after logging in, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'checkout as a guest'

If you wish to pay for your order via credit card/credit facility such as Clearpay or PayPal or you do not have mobile banking please do not proceed to Super Payments as this only supports open banking transfers via your mobile banking app.


I've earned Cash Rewards - how do I use them?

You have 7 days to get fully signed up to access your earned Cash Rewards. To do this, simply download the app and register. Make Sure you verify your email address and then your Cash Rewards will appear in your app wallet.